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More tactical teams use micro-robots from ReconRobotics than all other tactical robots combined.

If we had owned the robot back then, we would have breached an upper window and thrown in the robot. As it was, we ended up deploying gas in the residence, and the cleanup and remediation was a very expensive proposition.  We probably could have bought two Recon Scout XTs for how much that one cleanup cost our agency.

And where the XT really makes a difference is that it delivers a great deal of inside information that our team could otherwise obtain only through a much higher level of risk or with the expenditure of a great deal more time.  In other words, this little robot saves lives and time.

Sergeant James Evenson
Rochester, MN SWAT
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What appealed to us about the robot was its size. It was compact, easy to carry, and also very simple to operate. You can take it with you and deploy as needed, and it won’t slow you down.

Anthony Riccardi
San Mateo, CA, SWAT
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We deployed 2 Recon Scout robots: one to provide a better view of the closest access point to the suspect and the other one to provide an overall situational awareness before the assault was triggered.

The operator could see through the door, and very importantly, was able to see if, at any point in time, the suspect was moving closer to the door or moving the furniture to create new barricades that could impede the entry team. The robot identified that the suspect was barricaded in the bathroom – not in the part of the apartment where the robot was operating. At no point was the suspect aware of the presence of the robot.

French R.A.I.D. Team, commenting on
the use of their XT in the Toulouse
counterterror operation
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We have used robots that move, but they are too large to carry or throw, so they are ineffective on most calls. It was the multi-use capability of the Recon Scout that really appealed to our team – not only could we carry it and throw it, but we could also then guide it through the environment to learn more about a given situation.

Dave Arnott
Orlando, FL, SWAT
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e quickly found that it’s much safer to send a small robot into a dangerous situation than it is to send in officers or deputies. If we suspect that there is an armed or dangerous subject inside, we’ll always deploy the Recon Scout to gain situational awareness.

Dennis Houghtelling
Alameda County, CA, SWAT
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This robot does the same thing as a mirror or a camera on a pole, but it does it from 100 feet away. It provides a reactionary gap, and increased safety.

Sean Flanagan
Des Plaines, IL, SWAT
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At no point did we let down our guard, but we did feel much more confident about the situation before putting the officers in harm’s way. That is the greatest value of the Recon Scout – it gives you greater certainty in handling a situation. It lets you know what you’re up against.

Sergeant Ron Davis
Huntington Park, CA, Tactical Team
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This salesperson from another company was trying to talk us into another robot – a larger tank-like thing with treads – and we were like, ‘But it’s not functional.  It’s so big and heavy. What are you going to use it for? You can’t even throw it.’ A tactical tool has to be useful. It has to meet the everyday needs of your team.

Sergeant Rich Johnston
Barrie Police Service, Ontario
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As tactical operators we are all keenly aware of the risks inherent to the execution of high risk warrants. The Recon Scout XT proved instrumental in our ability to better mitigate those risks and go home at the end of the shift.

Berkeley, CA, SWAT
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What our team really likes is that it can be easily carried in an entry team backpack and when you need to use it, you simply grab it, pull the pin and throw in the robot. Once we get the robot inside, it gives us a big advantage…we can use the robot to scout for us and identify doorways and clear rooms. When the team moves in, they already know what to look for and where the threats might come from.

Sergeant Jake King
Marietta, GA, SWAT
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I have been on the team for many years and I can recall many times where we have stood outside of a house or apartment for hours and not known what was happening inside. We might suspect that someone is in there and thing they’ve got a gun, but there is a lot of uncertainty. What these robots and other electronics have allowed us to do is resolve things faster. We can clear rooms, pinpoint areas to focus on and really cut down on the amount of time we’re out there, which is important for safety and cost reasons. If we are getting paid overtime, and we have 30 personnel on the scene, it adds up quickly.

Lt. Greg Lees
Broward County Sheriff
Tactical Team

We found out after the fact that she had taken a lot of medication and was intoxicated in an attempt to kill herself.  If we would have done the normal negotiate, negotiate, negotiate process, and then try to enter and own one room at a time, and ultimately introduce several types of gas, we would have been talking about a long, drawn out time  – many hours. She probably would have died. As it was, using the robot took us all of twenty minutes to resolve this situation.

The biggest plus of the Recon Scout IR is that it saves time, which in many situations can mean all the difference. In addition, the information that the robot provides might save us thousands of dollars on just one call-out. One of the other teams in our region has the full-blown, expensive EOD-type track robot, and it certainly has its place in the world, but for something that you can just throw in a backpack and use in a split second, the Recon Scout is invaluable.

Captain Mike Gleason
Williamson County Sheriff’s Office
Special Missions Team

SWAT Profiles Featuring The Recon Scout

Las Cruces Police Department SWAT
Gaining situational awareness during a hostage rescue operation

Tri-City SWAT, Southeastern Washington State
Increased situational awareness and greater standoff distance during tactical operations

Gallatin County / Bozeman Police Department Special Response Team
Heightened awareness of an armed, barricaded subject

France’s Counter-terrorism Team R.A.I.D. (Recherché Assistance Intervention Dissuasion) 
French RAID Team Reveals Robot’s Role in Toulouse Counter-terrorism Operation

Rochester Police Department
Covert Surveillance of Barricaded Subjects

Barrie Police Service, Ontario, Canada
Owning the real estate with your eyes before paying for it with your body

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office/Des Plaines Tactical Team
No longer going in blind during barricaded subject operations

Berkeley SWAT/San Mateo SWAT
Bank robbery in San Mateo; MVP in Berkeley hostage negotiation

Burnsville SWAT
Safe resolution of a suicidal barricaded subject call out

Huntington Park Tactical Team
Room clearing operations during high-risk warrant call out

Marietta SWAT
Apprehension of a home invasion suspect

Orlando SWAT
Locating a barricaded subject in a second-story apartment