Demo-buttonRecon Scout® Under Vehicle Inspection Robot

The Recon Scout® Under Vehicle Inspection (UVI) robot is used to visually inspect the undercarriages of vehicles for explosives, drugs and other contraband. Equipped with sophisticated optical systems that operate in extremely low-light environments, the Recon Scout UVI can transmit clear, crisp video of a vehicle undercarriage up to 300 feet to a handheld Operator Control Unit (OCU), or up to 1,000 feet to a ReconRobotics Command Monitoring Station. Because this device is small and portable, it is ideally suited to short-term security situations that require vehicle inspections, including bomb squad reconnaissance of suspicious vehicles, advance team reconnaissance along motorcade routes, police roadblocks, and temporary checkpoints at the entrances to airports and large-scale sporting events.

The ReconScout UVI can also be used in a permanent capacity at border checkpoints and the entrances to secure government facilities. Its auto-focus optics and 60-degree field of view allow inspection of the undercarriages of most vehicles with just one pass, and unlike mirrored devices, this robot provides a direct view of the undercarriage, not a reflected view.

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