Demo-buttonRecon Scout® IR

The Recon Scout® IR is the world’s first throwable, mobile reconnaissance robot with the capability of seeing in complete darkness. As with the standard Recon Scout that was introduced in 2007, the Recon Scout IR saves lives by allowing military and police to gain inside knowledge about dangerous and hostile environments before sending in their personnel.

Simply throw the Recon Scout IR through a window or doorway, and use the handheld Operator Control Unit (OCU) to move the robot through a dark environment. The infrared optical systems on the robot automatically turn on when the ambient light is low, and immediately begin transmitting clear real-time video to the OCU video screen or a nearby command post.

This Know Before You Go® capability saves lives, helps resolve dangerous situations more quickly, and greatly limits damage to property. Before you send your team into the darkness, give them a big advantage – send in the Recon Scout IR.

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