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The Recon Scout® SeachStick™ device enables tactical and patrol personnel to instantly convert any Recon Scout robot into a versatile pole camera. Simply grasp the Recon Scout robot in the powered jaws of the pole and extend the pole to the necessary length. The robot then transmits live video of the environment to the operator control unit (OCU). In addition, the SearchStick allows an operator to quietly deploy the robot into an elevated or confined environment while maintaining a safe standoff distance, and later retrieve it when the reconnaissance has been completed.  

The SearchStick pole has a collapsed length of 20.5" (52cm) and can be extended to a length of 72" (183cm). It allows tactical operators to maintain standoff distance when clearing elevated/confined spaces, including walled compounds, elevated windows, stairwells, attics, ventilation ducts, crawl spaces, tunnels and vehicle undercarriages.

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