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Operational Specifications

  • Robot Range: up to 100 feet (30m) indoors; 300 feet (91m) outdoors with line-of-sight
  • Battery Run Time: 60 minutes for robot, 120 minutes for OCU/OCU II
  • Speed:
    – Throwbot XT: 1.5 feet per second (0.46mps)
    – Recon Scout IR, UVI, and Throwbot LE: 1 foot per second (0.3mps)
  • Radio Transmission: Analog
Battery Life Test Protocol

If you feel that your Recon Scout robot or OCU/OCU II is not running for its complete battery life on a full charge, there is a simple self-diagnosis test you can run to check the performance.

It is important to follow the steps in this order:

  1. Fully charge your robot and OCU/OCU II (see below for instructions)
  2. Start test by pulling pin from robot and switching your OCU/OCU II on.
  3. Record the time
  4. Run continuously until:
    a. Robot stops moving and sending video
    b. OCU/OCU II screen goes blank and stops sending commands
  5. Record the time
  6. Contact ReconRobotics for service if:
    a. Robot runs for under 60 minutes
    b. OCU/OCU II runs for under 120 minutes
How do I charge the batteries on my robot and OCU?
  1. Plug charger into outlet
  2. Make sure robot and OCU/OCU II are switched off
  3. Plug OCU/OCU II and robot into charger
  4. Let charge for 3-4 hours
How do I replace the batteries on my SearchStick™ Pole?
  1. Unscrew the batter cap using a coin or slotted screwdriver
  2. Remove the old batteries
  3. Insert two new 3V batteries, positive end first
  4. Replace the battery cap and tighten firmly with a coin or slotted screwdriver
How do I open an RMA (Return Material Authorization)?

If you are having problems with your ReconRobotics equipment, click here to begin the RMA Process.

How do I make sure my robot’s batteries will be charged and ready for use when needed?

If your robot is deployed infrequently, ReconRobotics recommends fully charging your robot and OCU/OCU II once a month to keep the batteries topped off.  The batteries drain very slowly while the unit is not in use.  Ensure the OCU/OCU II is switched off and the pin remains inserted in the robot to avoid draining the batteries when not in use.

Can I use third-party battery chargers to charge my ReconRobotics equipment?

ReconRobotics strongly recommends against using any chargers other than those supplied by ReconRobotics, as serious battery damage may result.  This damage will not be covered by your warranty or extended service plan.

What is the FCC status of the ReconRobotics?

ReconRobotics applied for and was granted by the FCC a waiver to operate its product in the 430 Mhz to 450 Mhz spectrum. Users of the Recon Scout and Throwbot robots are legally required to register this equipment with the FCC. ReconRobotics will provide the necessary paperwork for this process and assist you in submitting it, which should take just 5-10 minutes.

How do I get a replacement manual?

Manuals for a Recon Scout kit, SearchStick, or Command Monitoring Station, can be downloaded here.

How do I check the warranty status of my ReconRobotics products?

ReconRobotics customer service would be happy to check whether your equipment is covered under warranty or the optional Annual Maintenance Plan. We will need the serial numbers of the products in question to look up your warranty status.

Where do I find the serial numbers on my Recon Scout robot, OCU, SearchStick Pole or Command Monitoring Station?

Recon Scout Or Throwbot Robot

  • Location: Underside of shell, near the tail mounting point.
  • Format: 8 or 9 digits with an alpha character in the fifth digit.
  • Example: 1109E708

Recon Scout XL Robot

  • Location: Underside of shell, near the tail mounting point.
  • Format: 10 digits with alpha characters in the middle.
  • Example: 0313AC0021
Recon Scout serial number


  • Location: Bottom of the back side, near the lanyard mounting post.
  • Format: 8 or 9 digits with a “C” in the fifth digit.
  • Example: 0803C072
ReconScout serial number XT

Command Monitoring Station and Command Monitoring Station 2.0

  • Location: Bottom of black box on white sticker
  • Format: 8 or 9 digits with a “D” in the fifth digit.
  • Example: 0909D0123

SearchStick™ Pole

  • Location: Sticker above the open/close switch marked “Zistos model S/N”
  • Format: 4 digit numeric.
  • Example: 0120